What is Schiltron?


Schiltron, originally founded in Aberdeen in 2004, is now based near Edinburgh, although the group retains connections with the North-east and other parts of Scotland. We primarily portray Scottish life during the late fifteenth century, but we also re-enact the period of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce (1297-1329) and that of the  Jacobite era of 1745-1746.

As well as depicting historical events publicly, Schiltron meets privately to focus on the art and culture of the mediaeval era. We stage banquets and  engage in activities such as dance, costume-making, war skills practice, and visits to places of period interest. Group members make and wear costumes appropriate for the domestic, commercial and military sides of  mediaeval life.

Schiltron has performed throughout Scotland at castles, fairs and other locations, indoors and outdoors; including Traquair House, Castle Fraser, Drum Castle, Fyvie Castle, Banff Castle and Aberdeen city; and also at mediaeval events at Dinan in France and Tewkesbury in England.